About the Ohio Southerner

I am a true Southerner that was transplanted in southern Ohio more than 30 years ago. When I speak you definitely know that I am from south of the Mason-Dixon line.  

My cooking was first influenced by my mother and her casual southern style. Over the years I have learned so many techniques by reading cookbooks and searching the internet. I define my style as southern with a mid-western flair.  

I am not a trained chef but a life-long educator. As an educator, I served as a mathematics teacher, assistant principal, high school principal and central office administrator.  

My original intent was to create a cookbook for my family and close friends. However, I was encouraged to share with everyone. So this is how Ohio Southerner.com was born. I hope my recipes inspire you to get in your kitchen and cook for your family and friends. I want to share my love of cooking. Join me on this journey and let me know your thoughts.